Recruitment group En-Japan has launched a reskilling product to help start-ups and SMEs undergoing digital transformation to discover and develop their existing human resources to help them bridge skills gap.

En SX [sales transformation] Reskilling is an extension of En SX, which was launched in April 2021 to help clients improve business performance.

En-Japan maintains that its no-code tools, which have intuitive graphical user interfaces, support the systematic discovery of digital transformation (DX) human resources. According to the company, the new service was inspired by En-Japan’s own struggle to reduce the talent gap.

According to En-Japan’s news release, companies that are digitizing their workflows face problems due to a lack of employees compatible with the transition. Moreover, external recruitment hinders the business automation process, as new appointees take time to settle in and produce results.

“Therefore, we launched En SX Reskilling to discover and develop DX human resources from employees who know the field,” said company executive Yujiro Noda.

“We would like to contribute to the growth of more companies by generously providing the reskilling know-how that we have accumulated in the process of growth.”

Tokyo-headquartered  En-Japan’s annual revenue amounted to $502 million in the 12 months to March 2023, according to its latest earnings report.

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