LinkedIn is live testing a tool that enables generative AI to write posts on the site. This could impact recruiters who use LinkedIn to assess candidate capabilities.

LinkedIn’s AI update assistant prompts the user to “share your ideas” in the app’s composer. It then offers suggestions for a “first draft” of the post.

In a LinkedIn post, Keren Baruch, director of product at LinkedIn, wrote: “When it comes to posting on LinkedIn, we’ve heard that you generally know what you want to say, but going from a great idea to a full-fledged post can be challenging and time consuming.”

“So, we’re starting to test a way for members to use generative AI directly within the LinkedIn share box. To start, you’ll need to share at least 30 words outlining what you want to say — this is your own thoughts and perspective and the core of any post.”

“Then you can leverage generative AI to create a first draft. This will give you a solid foundation to review, edit and make your own — all before you click post.”

Employers often check LinkedIn profiles to assess candidate skills and experiences, and the use of generative AI could lead them to have wasted interviews with candidates who don’t have the skills their LinkedIn profiles suggest they do.

LinkedIn has already unveiled a range of generative AI elements, including AI-generated profile summaries, job descriptions and messages for job candidates, in addition to an AI InMail assistant.

AIM Group has contacted LinkedIn for comment and will update this article if a response is received.

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