Russia-based classifieds site Avito has launched the Avito Rabota Index (“rabota” means “jobs” in Russian) at an event in Moscow. This free tool analyzes job offers, the behavior of job seekers and other factors affecting the labor market.

The product is targeted at HR specialists and managers of small and medium-sized businesses who want to understand how and where to look for employees, said Dmitry Puchkov, development director at Avito Rabota. It is also aimed at job seekers — they can use the index to evaluate the labor market and choose the best employer — he added.

The index system operates on three levels — federal districts, regions and the largest urban centers. The service aggregates information about vacancies, CVs and employment levels according to the selected geographical area and professional field.

The index uses a scale from one to ten, where one is a job seeker’s market (i.e. there are more vacancies than candidates), ten a labor market environment that heavily favors employers and readings between four and eight a relatively balanced environment.

Avito Rabota says the index helps employers to achieve four goals — budget for recruitment, compare themselves to the competition, identify new geographical areas for searches and make forecasts about the jobs market.

The index also displays average salaries and the volume of vacancies in a region relative to the average number nationwide. This will help employers to decide if they want to advertise wages above or below the market rate, change their recruitment budget and what strategies to use to attract job seekers, Avito maintains.

Just a couple of days before Avito Rabota’s presentation, rival Russia-based jobs board HeadHunter launched a similar product.

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