India-based real estate sales and services company Anarock has patented Astra, an AI-based sales acceleration tool.

According to a news release, Astra, which has launched in July 2021, streamlines sales processes, maximizes conversion and “entirely eliminates” lead leakage (the progressive loss of leads as they progress through the funnel).

Astra is now registered with the Controller of Patents under the category System for AI-Driven Productivity Enhancement for Sales Management.

“Astra was created over a two-year period by Anarock and its data analytics partner G-Square Solutions. Its algorithm examines customer behaviour data to produce highly accurate leads, increasing marketing effectiveness while significantly reducing marketing expenses,” said Sunil Mishra, chief strategy officer at Anarock Group.

It draws upon data from over five million leads and utilizes 74 different algorithms to support projects of different sizes and stages of completion in multiple locations.

Founded in 2017 by Anuj Puri and Rohin Shah and headquartered in Mumbai, Anarock has a presence across 19 cities in India and the Gulf. It has a team of 2,200 certified real estate professionals, along with 35,000 channel partners.


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