Netherlands-based employee relocation and HR platform Settly has raised $6.5 million in a funding round.

Settly supports international employees as they transition to a new country and aids the employer by taking on some of the tasks linked to relocating for employment. With companies across the world struggling to fill vacancies, Settly says its business proposition is now more in demand than ever.

The company was founded in 2019 and this is the first external funding it has received. Until now, it has grown organically and currently has more than 50 employees and operates in seven countries, including Spain, Germany, Australia and the U.K. It uses a local set-up to support its clients.

According to Settly, it almost quadrupled its revenue and team size in 2022 and expects to grow significantly once again in 2023. It added that it would use the new funding to expand its product offering, further establish itself in key markets and grow its operations across global markets.

The funding came from investment fund 2050 and MediaHuis Ventures, the Belgium-based venture capital fund of the publisher and marketplace operator MediaHuis.

“The number of people living and working outside of their country of birth is expected to grow by 70 million in the coming years,” said Marieke van Iperen, CEO and co-founder of Settly.

“Settly wants to change the way companies look at international talent, recruiting, culture and community. We do this by focusing on how people feel in their new country through a multi-local approach. We have done this so far without financial backing. To continue to grow our impact, we have found two investors who fully support our mission and strategy and fully align with our core values.”

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