Denmark-based job board JobIndex is no longer a listed company. On 30 June, its last day of trading on Nasdaq First North, company founder and CEO Kaare Danielsen thanked those who has sold their shares and promised the remaining shareholders fair treatment.

In a personal statement, he revealed that around 400 of the company’s 700 shareholders had kept their shares and said that around a third of these were employees. Danielsen, who now controls 96% of the company, promised to continue to pay dividend and to make it possible for the remaining shareholders to sell their shares at the company’s AGM.

Danielsen wrote that “The delisting doesn’t make much of a difference. You can have many shareholders without being listed on the stock exchange.”

Danielsen paid DKK1,900 per share, buying a total of 46,687 shares for DKK88.7 million ($13.0 million U.S.). The offer price valued JobIndex at $251 million.

In the wake of Danielsen selling his businesses in Sweden and Norway to Schibsted and Duunitori, respectively, there has been speculation that taking JobIndex private is a prelude to the sale of the company.

However those who know Danielsen say it is too early to tell, as he enjoys running the company and is very hands on — he personally handles the company’s PR, for example.

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