Russia-based Avito, the world’s leading marketplace horizontal in terms of traffic and listings, has notified sellers of consumer electronics and auto spare parts that its rates for placing ads on the site will rise by 20% from 13 July, Russia-based technology news website iXBT reports.

Consumer electronics is one of the largest categories of the platform. The rise will not apply to Samsung and Apple smartphones, provided seller fills in these brand names in the “manufacturer” field of the sales card.

In the consumer electronic category, Avito asserted that the rate hike was due to investment that has led to 22% year-on-year growth in user traffic and a three-fold increase in completed sales.

Avito said it had consistently invested in attracting buyers and developing useful tools for sellers, such as analytics that facilitate the monitoring of demand for various categories of goods in order to identify the most sought after.

Moreover, Avito now enables sellers to offer promotional discount codes to buyers and regularly adds new filters to make it easier to find these offers. It has run more than ten promotion campaigns in electronics that attracted more buyers, it added.

In the auto-spare-parts category, Avito pointed out that it had added functionality to check the condition of tires (e.g. thread depth), introduced shipping of motor oils and lubricants via Avito Delivery and made it easier to run checks on cars while searching for spare parts. Avito said these efforts had attracted an additional 1.2 million users to this section of the site.

Last October, Avito introduced a service fee to sellers who use Avito Delivery to send goods. Avito said that the service fee was required to ensure that its delivery service was financially viable and to facilitate further investment in it.

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