South Korea-based niche marketplace SecondWear (formerly HelloMarket) has unveiled an AI system to extract product information from an image and automatically add it to a listing in the form of text.

The AI product-registration service analyzes images uploaded by sellers to add information on product category and color in the ad. It also optimizes uploaded photos e.g. by removing items from the background.

HelloMarket launched in 2011 as a general marketplace with multiple categories, but it narrowed its focus to secondhand fashion when it rebranded as SecondWear in March this year. Until its rebranding, HelloMarket was among the four leading general marketplaces in South Korea. SecondWear says it has more than 5.9 million members.

“Everyone has clothes that they don’t wear at home, but few people have experience in selling clothes through secondhand transactions because of the difficulty of the registration process. Through the AI ​​product registration service, the burden has been reduced, and the registration time has been more than halved,” said SecondWear CEO Hyo-Jun Yoon.

Other local marketplaces with substantial transaction volume in used fashion include Trenbe,,, Joongna and Daangn.

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