40% of adults aged 30 years or older in the Netherlands would be willing to buy secondhand designer furniture, with price and sustainability the main drivers, a recent survey commissioned by niche marketplace Whoppah.com and conducted by PanelWizard has found.

The survey, which had 1,000 respondents, found that those aged between 30 and 39 were more willing to buy secondhand furniture (82.3% of women and 77.8% of men) than those aged 60 and older (70.6% of women and 61.9% of men).

“This shows that more and more people are accepting secondhand items and the importance of sustainable consumption,” Whoppah CEO Thomas Bunnik wrote in a LinkedIn post.

The survey found that saving money was the main reason to buy secondhand furniture for 66.6% of men and 64.6% of women. For 53.0% of women aged 30-39, sustainability was also found to be a motivating factor. 36.2% of men and 39.3% of women expressed a desire to decorate their homes with vintage items.

Another research company, Marktdata.nl, found 762% growth in the search volume for secondhand designer products in the Netherlands in the past four years.

In 2022, Utrecht-headquartered Whoppah.com, which operates in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, had revenue of €20.0 million ($22.1 million U.S.) and raised €5.0 million in seed funding.

Its key competitor is Reliving.nl, which last month raised funding of €1.4 million via a combination of crowdfunding and private equity companies Fair Capital Impact Fund and Stichting Fund.

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