DealCar, a startup aiming to help car dealers to digitize their businesses, has launched in Spain. 

It promises to help dealers “manage their stock, facilitate communication between salespeople and customers from first contact until the sale is closed and improve the online payment experience.” 

According to Madrid-headquartered DealCar’s LinkedIn page, “Our AI-powered platform revolutionizes the way used-car dealerships manage their inventory and streamline their operations, allowing them to sell online and reduce their selling time by more than 40% and increasing their sales up to 30%.” 

“We are empowering traditional dealers to become the next Clicars, MundiMoto or Cazoo,” co-founder Carlos Horno Santacruz said in a LinkedIn post. His background is in fintech — most recently as a senior product manager at Square. 

“Buying a used car the traditional way from a physical dealer can be a challenging process with several drawbacks. Customers often face difficulties in finding comprehensive information about the available vehicles on the internet. They may have to visit multiple dealers to gather all the necessary details, limiting their choices to local options. Additionally, getting the best valuation for their trade-in vehicle or applying for loans can be time-consuming and frustrating, requiring multiple visits to dealers and paperwork.” 

Horno Santacruz added that growth in the online used-car market in Europe will be driven by the “increasing digitalization of customer journeys at traditional dealerships and the rapid expansion of new online retailers.”

One of DealCar’s main rivals in this market will be Madrid-based Motoreto, which is already working with thousands of dealers in Spain, France and Italy. Earlier this month, Motoreto raised €1.4 million ($1.5 million U.S.) in seed funding.

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