Global automotive group Stellantis has launched an online direct selling platform for its U.K. used-car business.

The sales will be made through its Spoticar division, which also markets Stellantis’ approved used cars. Initially, around 100 vehicles will be sold through Spoticar Direct. The sales will be for vehicles held at its reconditioning center in Corby.

Consumers will be able to select specific used Fiats, Peugeots, Citroens and Vauxhalls, which could be sourced from Stellantis’s company car scheme or from its finance partners. Spoticar’s used vehicle network for these brands and Jeep and Abarth was launched in the U.K. in 2021, a few years after Spoticar was established in mainland Europe to help build the then PSA Group as a multi-brand used vehicle business.

As an aid to deciding whether to buy a vehicle, consumers can request that a car is transferred to a dealership for a test drive. They will also receive advice from a call center to help them decide. Once agreed, buyers can choose which retail site to use to make payment and arrange delivery.

Buyers can purchase these cars from their laptop or other device and vehicles can be delivered to a Spoticar dealership of their choice, at no extra cost. The delivery will be handled by Spoticar’s network team.
“With Spoticar Direct we can now offer a ‘phygital’ pathway that makes an even wider range of used vehicles available throughout the UK using our Spoticar network.

“Innovation also enables us to continue to strengthen Spoticar’s leadership position,” said Nicola Dobson, director for pre-owned vehicles at Stellantis U.K.

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