A new online automotive marketplace has launched in Vietnam. Vietwheels features used vehicles from major global brands including Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet.

Car buyers benefit from a wide choice of new and used vehicles, convenience and lower prices, according to the company. The range of cars includes options at various price points. Users can easily browse through the listings, compare prices and access detailed information about each vehicle.

Sellers can use the platform to supplement their existing sales channels and reach a wider audience to connect with potential buyers. Listing options include additional features such as virtual tours and vehicle history reports to improve trust and transparency for potential buyers.

The website also offers finance loans for buying vehicles and insurance that is offered through affiliate car insurance providers within Vietnam.

“Compared to Western countries, a lot of consumers in Vietnam don’t usually research their desired car and compare prices and online before they go in to see a car dealership,” said Vietwheels co-founder and MD Hai Truong.

“With Vietwheels they now have the opportunity to research and compare cars and prices from a very larger range of high-quality inventory.”

The website also plans to offer trucks and motorbikes for sake and also spare parts for vehicles, though these channels currently have no live adverts.

Vietwheels has recently hired a local sales team that are based in Ho Chi Minh City and led by the other co-founder Vince Luong

“There is a genuine market gap in Vietnam since consumers lack the choice and range of vehicles to select, and compare prices and quality offered by car dealerships,” said Luong. “Vietwheels solves this problem by bring the car buyer and seller together in an online and seamless platform.”

Vietwheels is part of Viet Ventures, a travel agency.

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