Egypt-based rectech company TalentsArena has closed pre-seed funding round of $750,000 U.S. from UI Investments, alongside several Saudi and regional angel investors, it said.

In a LinkedIn post, TalentsArena said it would use the funds to further expand into Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Founded in 2019, Talents Arena describes itself as an AI-based hiring engine, simplifying recruitment process through its advanced match-making in the MENA region and giving companies access to pre-vetted tech job candidates. It also offers interviewing as a service.

More than 800 companies and 65,000 tech professionals are its registered members.

According to a news release on Wamda, TalentsArena has so far connected companies to more than 180,000 job candidates, while placing thousands of candidates.

“Our talent mining engine leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning models that draw upon hundreds of thousands of human decisions to find hidden gems in the talent market and match them with suitable vacancies. This, in return, automates and streamlines the hiring process for both employers and job seekers,” said Aya Elgebeely, founder and CEO of Talents Arena.

“This funding milestone enables us to accelerate the development of our AI hiring engine and expand our footprint in the Saudi market that already accounts for 25% of our client base.”

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