Recruiters Websites, a division of Haley Marketing and a provider of digital marketing solutions and bespoke websites for the recruitment industry has launched TalentScribe, an AI assistant that helps recruiters create and post blogs on their websites.

In a statement, Haley Marketing said the new AI assistant uses trained AI technology help in the creation and posting of blogs linked to the recruitment process, allowing recruiters to save time and focus on hiring top talent. The tool aims to help recruiters easily post high-quality blogs without having to spend hours writing and editing them.

TalentScribe has been built using prompts that understand the requirements and preferences of recruiters and their target audience, to ensure that content is relevant and engaging. The tool is built to work on any WordPress website and offers a range of features, including being able to choose from a variety of blog topics and styles, schedule blogs in advance and track the performance of each blog post.

“We believe that this new tool will be a game-changer for recruiters,” said Recruiters Websites founder and CEO Jeff Gipson. “It will allow them to create and post high-quality blogs on their websites with ease, improve their site’s SEO and ultimately help them attract new client leads and build authority in their niches.”

Recruiters Websites offers other services including website design, SEO and PPC advertising. It also focuses on serving executive search consultants. Its owner Haley Marketing offers services including web design, recruitment marketing and automation strategy.

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