London-based digital worker recruitment platform has raised $2 million in pre-seed funding.

The company aims to “automate everything” beginning with business functions such as sales and recruitment, according to a company blog post.  Its name came from the ambition that its AI workforce can be “11x” as productive as teams.

The first service it has launched is an AI sales associate called “Alice”, which can identify sales prospects, research leads by extracting information from online sources, create personalized outreach and autonomously book meetings. Other potential uses for its platform include HR, PR and fundraising.

It plans to launch a customer success specialist called “Bob” and a junior recruitment consultant called “James”.

The startup is targeting both large and small businesses and says that its AI digital workers can integrate with existing products like Slack, Salesforce and Outlook.

The company was founded by Hasan Sukkar (LinkedIn profile) who is the CEO. The company wants to create a future where AI tools like the ones it is developing free up more time for human workers, rather than replace them.

The company is also developing a platform to let other sources create bespoke AI digital workers without using code in as little as 15 minutes.

The funding round was led by Project A Ventures and the funds will be used to build the underlying infrastructure for the service, called Platform X. The startup has five people in its team but plans to increase this in the coming months.

The pre-seed round also featured Sequoia, Accel, Atomico, NoLabel Ventures and Tiny VC as well as 32 founders and operators based in Europe.

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