Singapore-based classified company Carousell has launched a buyer protection program to facilitate the purchase, payment and delivery process.

The new feature was initially made available for fashion products in May, and will soon be rolled out to other categories, such as accessories, beauty and hobbies.

The service is currently free of charge but will most likely be designated an extra in the future. Vice president and head of goods Vishal Salunkhe has previously said that Carousell “isn’t focused on the money-making part of the product but growing user base; therefore, revenue will hopefully follow.”

Carousell has recently focused on its fashion offering. In July, it launched its latest line in the luxury segment, extending its certified program to footwear, with over 3,000 “certified” listings for sneakers.

In June, the horizontal told the AIM Group that it was launching its certified luxury bag collection in Hong Kong.

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