U.K.-based Auto Trader has added e-bike listings to its marketplace, seeking to tap into a developing market.

The platform already has more than 1,500 E-bikes listed from more than 45 brands, such as Raleigh and Brompton.

A survey commissioned by Auto Trader in late 2022 found that almost a quarter (24%) of its marketplace visitors were interested in owning an E-bike, while close to a third (30%) said they already owned one.

The company believes it can play an important role “in the mainstream adoption of e-mobility solutions.” It cited its success in other areas of the electric mobility sector and said it aims to connect buyers and sellers and to produce engaging and educational content.

Auto Trader said e-bikes could help the U.K. achieve the government’s ambition for half of all journeys in towns and cities to be made on foot or by bike by 2030. Currently, half of car journeys are less than five miles.

“We are focused on helping consumers to make more environmentally friendly vehicle choices,” said Auto Trader commercial director Ian Plummer.

“Cars clearly are very important for most people and will undoubtedly remain the primary mobility solution here in the U.K., but other mobility options such as bikes can be a complementary solution.”


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