Spain-based proptech company Floorfy has partnered with China-based Insta360 to offer virtual tour solutions to realtors and other businesses worldwide, according to a blog post from the latter. 

Barcelona-headquartered Floorfy offers a range of services, including automatic 3D virtual tours, floor plans, private real estate video calls, commercial videos, automated property descriptions and virtual home staging.

Headquartered in Shenzhen in the province of Guangdong and with offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Berlin, Insta360 is a manufacturer of action cameras. 

According to the blog post, “The partnership between Insta360, renowned for its 360 camera expertise, and Floorfy brings together their respective expertise to help real estate agents effortlessly record properties in extraordinary 360-degree detail and output a realistic, immersive virtual tour.” 

“Insta360 cameras integrate directly with Floorfy’s virtual tour software and are even sold as a part of their service packages.” 

“By harnessing the power of cameras like Insta360 RS 1-Inch 360 Edition and Insta360 X3, Floorfy users can meticulously capture every detail of a property; create virtual, photorealistic, and dimensionally accurate representations of properties; and offer clients a realistic and immersive way to experience a property.” 

“Leveraging Floorfy’s automated floor plan capability, real estate agents can swiftly generate accurate floor plans without the need for time-consuming manual measurements and drawings. The integration of Insta360 cameras streamlines the process, saving invaluable time and resources while providing lucid and thorough visual representations of the property’s layout and dimensions.” 

According to a LinkedIn post from Floorfy, “This collaboration combines Insta360’s advanced camera technology with our innovative virtual tour software and automated digital real estate content, ensuring that real estate agents around the world can deliver the most immersive and high-quality property tours on the market.”

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