A used car marketplace called CarInMobile is set to launch in Spain before the end of September. 

Based in the town of Lugones in the province of Asturias on the country’s north coast, CarInMobile will facilitate “The purchase and sale of cars between individuals, with professional guarantees. No more fears, doubts, worries …,” according to the company’s LinkedIn post. 

“Carinmobile.com, the first vehicle marketplace where individuals skip the middlemen without losing the benefits of buying from a professional.” 

According to CarInMobile, it intends to launch the site before the end of September. 

CarInMobile is led by founder and CEO Javier Rodriguez (LinkedIn profile), who previously co-founded Dekm0.es. 

This company provides “advice to people and companies throughout the entire process of buying and selling their vehicles … We know where to buy, comparing markets … We reduce the risks to a minimum; we ensure that the vehicle is in perfect condition, with its maintenance in order, that its milage can be demonstrated and that it has not had any serious damage.” 

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