Javier Lozano Guíu (above) has been appointed CEO of Spain-based hybrid real estate agency Doctor Property, according to a LinkedIn post.

Headquartered in the Aragonese city of Zaragoza, Doctor Property is focused on northern Spain (the regions of Aragon and Navarra, as well as the Basque Country), with offices in Bilbao, San Sebastian, Pamplona and Vitoria. It is a subsidiary of investment company Nodriza Tech., which is also based in Zaragoza.

Founded in 2019, Doctor Property seeks to apply techniques from ecommerce to the real estate market. Its pricing algorithms provide data on between 50 and 100 properties similar to that of the seller — in terms of location and characteristics — to establish a market price; it then aims to sell the property within eight weeks.

Unusually, it is the buyer, rather than the seller, that pay’s the fees in its transactions: According to the Doctor Property’s website, it charges sellers “Neither percentages nor fixed fees and we give it to you in writing. It is the purchasing party who pays for our work and, like you, they knows it from the beginning.”

Prior to joining Doctor Property, Guíu was the CEO and co-founder of Singerfy, which describes itself as “a customizable music platform where people can get a custom song for free.” He has a law degree from the University of Zaragoza.

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