The Children and Youth Foundation (CYF) has launched a new online service that makes it easier for young people to apply to TET, a program providing one to three weeks of experience working in a real job during middle school in Finland and Sweden. The site has been created in collaboration with Alma Media’s recruitment site

The new site offers diverse information about working life and an opportunity to learn working life skills. It has been developed since last year in close cooperation with young people, educational institutions, and employers. The development work continues, and the goal is that by 2025 the site will serve 30,000 young people who are searching for a TET job. In total, 125,000 young people complete the TET period each year.

One of the companies involved in the creation of the new site was Alma Media and its recruitment vertical Jobly. They were responsible for delivering the job search function of open positions. Currently, there are over 500 TET jobs posted on the site.

“It was especially important for us to be involved in building and developing the service so that all schoolchildren, i.e. future job seekers, have equal and versatile opportunities to get to know the working life. We hope that other companies will join us to offer TET positions and to support young people’s working life,” said Annika Ruola, Marketing Director from Jobly, in a news release announcing the launch.

Jobly is the third-ranked job site in Finland, following and The site operated in Finland under the brand until November of last year when Alma Media rebranded it to its current name.

Jobly received 548,900 visits in August, according to SimilarWeb — a figure dwarfed by its rivals: had 8.2 million visits across all of its categories in the same month, while had 3.0 million.

Apart from Finland, Alma Career has recruitment services in ten countries in Eastern Central Europe, including,, CV Online,, and, in addition to the Seduo online training service and Prace za rohem.

With a focus on digital services and publishing, Alma Media also operates in other Nordic countries and the Baltics. It’s listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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