Netherlands-based marketplace specialist Prosus has launched a generative AI tool called PlusOne to enable its employees to work more efficiently.

“Leveraging the capabilities of more than ten diverse generative AI model types and building on our early experimentation with multiple foundational models, PlusOne uses proprietary and third-party models to assist with a wide range of tasks with a high level of accuracy and relevance – from compiling reports and translating documents to explaining and modifying code,” the company said in a news release.

“In the near future, PlusOne will allow teams to create their own custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks at scale and to perform tasks, such as advanced data analysis,”

“Prosus envisions a future where our investment in AI will continue to improve our performance, helping our network of companies, and their combined base of 2 billion users in their daily lives, driving efficiency and growth for the businesses.”

“While many companies are just embarking on their AI journey, we’re building on a strong foundation. We’ve dedicated over five years to developing our Prosus AI Lab, an industry-leading applied AI centre that systematically shares best practices and accelerates experimentation of emerging technologies, providing a unique asset for the companies we invest in.”

Prosus is offloading many of its assets in non-core markets to focus on a smaller cluster of European countries, as well as South Africa. It currently has ten classified brands in its portfolio.

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