Dubai-based used car marketplace DubiCars has unveiled a car comparison tool. 

The tool, available on its website and mobile app, allows customers to compare up to three models at a time. DubiCars has also selected the most popular models on the site and created a series of blog posts to compare them. 

It provides detailed specifications and feature lists for all vehicles in DubiCars’ database — under such categories as dimensions, engine/motor, fuel economy, exterior features, interior design and security and environment — in addition to a significant number of images. 

A list of pros and cons list is provided, with the company giving its own opinion on the cars selected in the form of bullet points under the headings What We Like and What We Don’t Like.

The tool also suggests models to users based on their previous searches.

Founded in 2014, DubiCars is led by CEO Craig Stevens and operates throughout the GCC (Gulf Cooperative Council) region. Apart from operating a used car marketplace, it also assists local dealers in exporting vehicles worldwide.

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