General marketplace Bikroy, owned by Sweden-based Saltside Technologies AB, has made it mandatory for business users to do cashless transactions.

Bikroy has been offering online payment options for long and previously business users were using the digital payment as an option, according to the marketplace.

It’s now mandatory for all business users to use cashless options, said its spokesperson Humyra Sharmind Alam in an email reply.

“This option is an exclusive feature for Bikroy members (business users),” she added.

Bikroy, founded in 2012 and based in Bangladesh, has multiple categories with largest numbers of ads registered — when we last checked — in ‘mobiles’ category (116,597), followed by ‘electronics’ (70,525), ‘vehicles’ (39,409), ‘home and living’ (20,470), ‘pets and animals’ (17,922) ‘property’ (15,656), etc.

Its auto and real estate verticals pose strong competition to auto and real estate marketplaces operating in Bangladesh.

“The idea behind the transition to cashless transactions was driven by our commitment to improving user experience and ensuring the safety and security of our members. Cash transactions often come with their own set of challenges – from the risk of carrying large sums of money to the inconvenience of making exact changes. By going cashless, we eliminate these concerns and offer a more secure environment for our members to conduct their business,” noted a Bikroy’s blog.

“We hope to have the support of our members as important partners in this endeavor toward payment digitalization. We believe that this step will not only make your online selling experiences more enjoyable but will also pave the way for a more seamless and technologically advanced future.”

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