Singapore-based Carousell Media Group has signed a partnership with data collaboration website LiveRamp.

Carousell will incorporate LiveRamp’s software, including its Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), into its site.

“Our exciting new partnership with LiveRamp is all about creating a direct and dependable link between our advertisers’ data and our own. This means we can personalize ads, optimize strategies and measure outcomes more effectively across our marketplaces,” said JJ Eastwood, managing director of Carousell Media Group. Apart from the eponymous Carousell, the company’s marketplaces include, Cho Tot, OneKyat and Ox Street.

“With LiveRamp, we’re not just targeting a more precise audience through ATS, but we’re also leveraging the exclusive enhanced clean room partner working with Google’s Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR). These capabilities give us the flexibility to build stronger customer relationships and form exciting new partnerships on a global scale,” he added.

According to LiveRamp’s website, “ATS connects publisher and brand identity to shape media experiences and measure effectiveness,” “provides a privacy-first, directly identifiable personal data authentication solution,” “creates addressable audiences without third-party cookies or mobile identifiers” and “enables reach and measurement on an encrypted, people-based identifier.”

A testimonial on the site from states: “ATS has enabled us not only to prepare for a world without third-party cookies but also to excel beyond it by dramatically increasing the value of our inventory through first-party authentications. We feel closer to home shoppers than ever, enhancing our ability to make the most of their home buying journey through more compelling and personalized experiences.”

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