Turkey-based used-car buyer and retailer VavaCars has launched the monthly VavaAI Price Index, making its pricing data public for the first time.

VavaCars, founded in 2019, has been providing price data since January 2022 but has now decided to make it public, according to Didem Magriso, the company’s head of brand marketing.

“We are planning to publish it every month from now on,” Magriso — who was appointed in January — told the AIM Group.

The auto vertical gathers 300,000 data points daily and has accumulated 190 million since the index launch, she said.

“As the foremost used-car trading platform in Turkey, we not only facilitate a higher volume of transactions with consumers but also boast an extensive repository of proprietary, real-time sales data,” she added.

“Through our commitment to transparency and innovation, we aim to revolutionize how the market perceives and engages with used car pricing.”

VavaCars has so far raised more than $100 million from investors to date. Its competitors include OtoPlus.com and Carvak.com.

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