Less than one year after launching in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), auto marketplace Auto24.Africa has expanded into four new countries — Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal and South Africa.

Auto24.Africa is part of Africar Group, in which automaker Stellantis acquired a 30% stake last year. The latter’s brands include Chrysler, Peugeot, Fiat and Jeep.

Africar is majority owned by Australia-based marketplaces operator Emerging Classifieds Ventures, which operates auto marketplaces in 46 countries across Sub Saharan Africa.

“Powered by the unwavering support of Stellantis, we’ve revolutionized the way customers sell, trade, and buy used cars in the country [Côte d’Ivoire], thanks to an amazing dream team of local talents,” Auto24.Africa CEO and co-founder Axel Peyriere wrote in a LinkedIn post.

“Now, with the continued commitment of Stellantis and their dedicated teams, we’re ecstatic to announce our expansion to four new territories. Our footprint in these regions is growing fast, with 50+ brilliant talents laying down the groundwork and bringing our distinctive services to local customers and pioneering a more digital, transparent, and trustworthy used car sector. Across the board, our global team is now 100+ strong and growing.”

Speaking at the AIM Group’s AutosBuzz conference in Lisbon earlier this year, Peyriere outlined some of the problems facing used car buyers in sub-Saharan Africa: “Trust and transparency do not exist, and the market for professional sellers is informal and fragmented — there are no guarantees.” Furthermore, price varies greatly, often depending on an individual’s negotiating skills and contacts, he added.

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