“Get to know the new products and solutions offered by Coches.net”; Source: Coches.net

Adevinta Spain’s Coches.net — the leading used car marketplace in the country — has launched a five-tier pricing package for dealers. These packages cover both Coches.net and Milanuncios, Adevinta Spain’s general goods marketplace, which has its own automotive section. 

According to Coches.net, “Whether you are a professional with a small stock or you manage a large fleet of vehicles, our packs will help you reach more potential buyers, expand your reach, accelerate your sales and boost your business.” 

The five tiers are: 

  • Start: “If you are starting your activity, you have a very small stock or the sale of vehicles is not your main activity, it is time to start publishing your vehicle stock on Coches.net and Milanuncios.” 
  • Discover: “You will be able to experiment with positioning tools and see how the rotation of your stock accelerates.” 
  • Reference: “… the first of our 360-degree solutions. Your ads will achieve better positioning, helping you reduce the time needed to sell them, while protecting your profit margin.” 
  • Advance: This pack “will allow you to gain relevance in your target market, taking another step in the digitalization of your business, increasing your reach, accelerating the rotation of your stock and differentiating your brand image.” 
  • Expert: This is “designed to … expand your global vision of the business. And as its name indicates, the expert pack will position you as an expert, taking your brand image to the next level.” 

Each of these packs has its own explanatory video in the Pro section of the Coches.net website. 

While Coches.net has not released any information on pricing, it is reasonable to assume that these new tiers will make using the marketplace more expensive for most dealers. 

Another Adevinta automotive marketplace, Mobile.de in Germany, recently revised its pricing structure.  

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