Digital garage provider Regit has announced a deal with Sky Media that will target consumers with vehicle adverts that are relevant to their individual situation.

Regit is a digital garage that helps users manage their car ownership, including when tax and MOTs are due. It holds lots of data about its users, including makes, models, how long they have owned their vehicle and fuel types and information related to after sales such as service and insurance expiry.

Sky Media is the advertising arm of Sky and the deal will allow it to match the data Regit holds with Sky Media’s own AdSmart household data so they can provide viewers with relevant motoring adverts.

This allows automotive advertisers to target potential customers when they could be considering when to book an MOT or service, when they are planning to change vehicles and aftersales services such as finance and accesories.

Regit’s data can be integrated with Sky Media’s geographic data in parts of the U.K. where vehicle buyers are considering whether to switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle to meet low emission zone requirements, particularly relevant in London and its suburbs.

Regit will also be able to promote its brand on Sky TV, allowing it to potentially grow the number of users it has for its free site. Regit already has millions of digital garage users. Advertisers will benefit from up-to-date and verified targeted data which they can match against their own consumer data.

“Regit exists to make things easy for the motorist and by building a technology platform that enables them to take every management action related to their car or van, we’ve been able to generate hundreds of data points on each vehicle meaning that automotive partners can be extremely targeted when it comes to placing TV ads through Sky Media,” said Regit CEO and founder, Chris Ashton Green.

In August, HeyCar renewed its deal with Regit to allow its users to browse HeyCar’s inventory and provide HeyCar with high quality leads.


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