CarJager, a France-based marketplace for buying and selling classic and grand tourer cars, has raised €5.7 million ($6.0 million U.S.) in a series unknown funding round to increase its digital offerings internationally, it said.

“With €30 million of business volume targeted for the end of 2023 and already 252 cars sold this year for an average price of €81,000, CarJager has established itself as the French leader in the sector in terms of annual sales volume of classic automobiles,” the company wrote in a LinkedIn post.

“This fundraising marks the entry into the capital of the Lyon Groupe Duvarry Développement and the Willermin automobile group, a heavyweight in Mercedes distribution in France,” it added.

CarJager, founded in January 2018, has currently 200 cars in inventory and sell average 300 cars in a year with 60% of them sold remotely, according to its website.

The four markets where the digital auto retailer plans to expand its services include the U.K., U.S., Belgium and Germany, reports BusinessLeader.

CarJager has grown 2x and 2.5x annually since its establishment, Maddyness reports. In 2022, it sold 260 vehicles for business volume of €18 million and plans to sell 400 vehicles this year.

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