Spain-based rectech startup Workfully has raised €1.2 million ($1.3 million U.S.) in seed funding, according to the company’s LinkedIn post. The round was led by Indico, with PitchDrive and Secways among the other participants.

Founded in 2021, the website of Barcelona-headquatered Workfully says that its decentralized recruitment and upskilling marketplace “brings together a global network of talent partners and technical coaches, providing transparent, data-driven and fast talent solutions.”

“We envision a modular, flexible and scalable global platform providing comprehensive talent solutions to modern hiring needs. This will cover everything from specialized in-country hiring to non-linear career development, post-funding scaling, and diversity-focused on-demand talent creation.”

“All this is made possible through our technology-enabled, different business model empowering a new breed of independent recruiters.”

“We believe that building a recruiting business in the future will look much more like being a content creator: starting off on a platform like Workfully, building an audience and then monetizing that audience in-platform,” said Valerio Rossi, CEO and co-founder of Workfully (LinkedIn profile).

“The talent war is here to stay, and so are valuable specialised human recruiters that need the tools and software to support increasingly demanding global clients. Workfully brings a fresh perspective into [sic] solving a problem that is only getting bigger and harder. We are happy to support yet another Iberian startup with global ambitions from day one,” commented Stephan Morais, managing general partner of Indico Capital.

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