Malt, a France-based marketplace for freelancers, has launched Malt Strategy, “an exclusive community of vetted management consultants and interim executives,” according to the company’s LinkedIn post. 

“We started our journey 539 days ago with the acquisition of consulting marketplace Comatch. Today, we are thrilled to finally introduce its evolution — Malt Strategy, the leading marketplace for independent consultants and interim executives.” 

 “With the Malt Strategy marketplace, we will help you find your perfect project partner within 48 hours.” 

According to the company’s website“Our consultants’ expertise cover all project phases, from strategy to implementation, and all project types, from workshops to long-term transformation programs.” 

Headquartered in Paris, Malt also has offices in Munich, Madrid, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels and London. According to the company, its annual revenue doubled to €400 million ($425 million U.S.) in 2022, and it is aiming to increase this figure to €1.0 billion next year.

The company maintains that it has more than 550,000 freelancers and in excess of 60,000 companies that recruit them on its books.

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