Austin, Texas-based job matching site Talroo has announced another integration, this time with Avionté a provider of recruitment technology services, according to a news release.

Last week Talroo announced a deal with Naples, Florida-based candidate lead-generation company LeadLine Inc to provide an integrated search and matching service to clients of both companies.

Talroo’s new tie-up with Avionté aims to provide improved search and matching technology and will increase the size of the combined candidate pool clients can access as well as provide a more streamlined candidate experience.

Avionté has more than 1,000 customers and 25,000 users across the U.S. and Canada. Talroo’s proprietary search and match technology is now integrated with Avionté’s BOLD tool. Candidates will be able to apply natively using their existing Talroo profile.

Talroo’s insights product is available for Avionté users to help them learn more about target candidates. Once the Talroo integration is activated, Avionté users’ jobs will automatically be posted on Talroo’s site and candidates will be able to apply using Talroo’s native apply feature.

According to Talroo other benefits include all Avionté customers can access Talroo’s new AI-powered smart job titles feature which uses the concept of “seekernomics” where Talroo’s AI implements its learning from macro and micro trends across billions of job searches. Recruiters can implement A/B job title tests across campaign jobs without updating their company’s ATS.

Applications automatically populate in AviontéBOLD as web applications under their corresponding jobs, including a candidate’s name, phone number, email and are marked as sourced from Talroo for reporting purposes. The integration can automatically send applicants to an AviontéBOLD job page if further action is need.

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