New York City-based realtor Eklund-Gomes Team has launched a chatbot called Maya, which is built on Open AI’s Chat GPT-4.

It describes Maya as “an AI real estate expert that can provide tailored listing information drawn directly from property photos, continuously learn by active engagement with users and act as a guide to everything from neighborhoods to the basics of real estate,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

To help Maya improve, users can give a thumbs up or down to its answers.

“Maya works around the clock, never sleeps, is helpful and friendly, makes real estate buying and selling fun, never forgets anything, and, at the same time, learns every time anyone is talking to her,” company founder Fredrik Eklund said.

“We really think about the way that buying and selling is changing, and we want to make it more personal and make it more fun … real estate is a very stressful experience … and I feel Maya helps with that a little bit.”

A native of Sweden, Eklund is best known for appearing in Bravo reality TV series “Million Dollar Listing” over nine seasons.

Co-founder John Gomes added: “She [Maya] is going to hand you off to one of our agents; she’ll connect you to the right agent and then that agent will take it from there.”

Focused on high-end property, the company has 90 agents in five states — New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas and California.

In addition to property, Eklund-Gomes recently began to sell yachts and private jets through its website.

“These masters of the universe, Fortune 500 big whales [who] we’ve been working with for decades, they often come to us asking about yachts and jets,” Eklund commented.

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