Germany-based luxury watch marketplace Chrono24 has launched a publicly available price index called ChronoPulse, which is based on sales data.

“Other sites show the prices at which watches are offered, but they do not show what prices watches are actually sold for (…) This is exactly where ChronoPulse comes into play,” the company stated.

It added that the index reflected the 14 most important brands in the used market, representing more than 80% of the volume of global trade for second-hand luxury watches.

The index, which is updated daily, is based on information on data sets covering two decades of prices, Chrono24 noted.

“We have long been the first point of contact when it comes to price information and the performance of individual references. Our history has accumulated an extensive treasure trove of objective data that provides an unbeatable representation of the pre-owned watch market,” said Chrono24 founder and co-CEO Tim Stracke.

Founded in 2003, it is a leading marketplace for luxury watches. According to the company, it hosts more than 3,000 retail dealers and 30,000 private sellers from more than 100 countries.

In August 2021, Chrono24 raised $118 million U.S. in a Series C round led by Aglae Ventures, General Atlantic, Insight Partners and Sprints Capital, valuing it at more than $1.0 billion.

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