Mercari has delegated Masato Yamamoto with the additional responsibility of CEO of its Marketplace division. He’ll take charge from November 1.

Yamamoto, who is currently vice president and chief business officer at the Marketplace as well as CEO of Fintech unit (Merpay), will be appointed CEO Marketplace, according to Mercari.

Masato Mark Yamamoto

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Tokyo, Mercari breaks down its business into three divisions: Marketplace (Japan); Fintech and Mercari U.S. — a marketplace launched in 2014. The company’s Japanese operation generated significant portion of its $1.2 billion U.S. sales revenue during the financial year to June.

Naoki Aoyagi, who’s working with Mercari for almost six years, was promoted to CEO Marketplace in June. The company didn’t mention if Aoyagi would continue to serve as the co-CEO or has he left the position.

“Yamamoto joined Mercari Group in April 2018 and played a fundamental role in establishing the foundation for the group’s payment business. Since January 2022, he has served as representative director and chief executive officer of Merpay, where he led the growth of the group’s fintech businesses, including the credit business and credit card business,” said Mercari.

“He was appointed vice president, chief executive officer (Fintech) in July 2022 in addition to his role of chief business officer (Marketplace), and has since headed various initiatives spanning both Marketplace and Fintech. Going forward, he will focus on creating further group synergy across all of Japan region as chief executive officer of both Marketplace and Fintech.”

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