, the marketplace horizontal leader in the Netherlands, continues to be the first choice for buyers looking for cars online, according to findings of a survey.

Answering an open question about online car search with no brand names, 64% of 700 people in the age group of 18 to 65 recalled Marktplaats as their preferred car search engine, according to a research agency Human8.

“This is almost 4x more than the number 2 in the market. For the assisted question, this is even 90%: almost everyone knows that you can buy or sell cars on Marktplaats,” Melvin Ester, head of automotive sales NL at Marktplaats told Automotive-Online.

“We started campaigns about two years ago to make consumers aware that you can find many young used cars from reliable companies on Marktplaats. We now see that the share of people who come to Marktplaats specifically for cars in the more expensive segment is steadily growing.”

Adevinta-owned Marktplaats, which was founded in 1999, is building up its auto category as market competition from the Automotive MediaVentions (AMV), an operator of auto sites, and, is intensifying. AMV moved to transactions with integration of digital car retailer Bynco.

Marktplaats introduced a chat function for car dealers and buyers in June, following a car-inspection service.

According to the research, 17% of respondents search cars only on Marktplaats.

“This means that dealers can find an exclusive target group on Marktplaats, of people who only use Marktplaats,” said Ester.

“We also see that more than 47% of respondents come to Marktplaats specifically to see offers from dealers. That number is still growing rapidly: in January this year it was only 40% of people. This means that more and more companies from the Dealer Top 100 are choosing Marktplaats to place their offers.”

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