Germany-based car dealership network Techno has partnered with Faaren Group on vehicle subscriptions. Techno’s network consists of more than 2,100 dealers, while Faaren Group is a provider of white label software for vehicle subscriptions.

Techno dealerships will now have access to Faaren’s Dealer Subscription Management Software (DSMS).

“Our cooperation with Techno is a milestone in successfully positioning the car trade in the rapidly changing mobility landscape,” said Faaren chief software officer Julian Wolter.

He added that the deal would enable dealers to offer vehicles “at an all-inclusive price on their websites completely digitally and thus become e-commerce distributors.”

“We are pleased to be able to offer our shareholders another partner for software solutions in the car subscription sector through our collaboration with the Faaren Group and thus expand our digital portfolio,” said Georg Wallus, managing director of Techno.

Headquartered in Norderstedt, Techno-Einkauf GmbH, was founded in 1968 and currently operates in more than 600 cities.

Founded in 2017 and based in Würzburg, the Faaren Group has clients across Europe and North America.

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