Russia-based marketplace operator Avito has introduced a benchmarking tool to help buyers evaluate sellers. In addition to reviews and star ratings, users will now be able to gauge the quality of a seller’s service at a glance with three color-coded levels: red, yellow and green.

Green, the top level, is awarded to users with excellent customer service. Green sellers come higher in search rankings and benefit from the “trusted seller” designation, which helps them attract and retain more customers, Avito says.

Yellow is reserved for sellers with an “acceptable” level of service. Avito says they can progress to the green level by answering customer calls more quickly (within business hours) and verifying personal data in their profile using official documents.

Red is for sellers with the worst level of service. At this level, a number of restrictions come into force, such as lowering the ratings of the seller’s ads and excluding them from recommendations on Avito’s home page. They are also warned that they are losing out to the higher-ranked sellers.

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