Sweden-based, Schibsted-owned marketplace horizontal Blocket has launched an air freshener called New by Blocket as part of a marketing campaign for its auto vertical.

Blocket users can get it for free to make their car smell like new. The company said it wanted more people to experience the “fantastic” smell of a new car, even if the car in question was secondhand.

Ebba Rosencrantz, head of communication at Schibsted, told the AIM Group that demand has been strong: “We immediately received several hundred orders, and new ones are coming in all the time. People also get in touch and wonder how they can get the scent, so it’s great that people are so curious about Blocket’s interpretation of what a new car smells like.”

Previously, Blocket launched free nametags for parents to put on their children’s clothes.

“The 3,000 sheets of free name tags we prepared sold out in one day, then we offered 2,000 additional sheets of name tags and they also ran out the same day,” said Rosencrantz.

“The demand for these branded name tags was so large that the company we collaborated with, Minilappar.se, had to deploy extra server capacity to handle the traffic. Each sheet contained 125 name tags, so a total of more than half a million tags were ordered.”

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