Singapore-based real estate agency PropSeller has launched the Cadet Real Estate Consultant Program, a 12-month training program for real estate agents.

The company is looking for the top 100 agents in Singapore, selected from among the ranks of PropNex Realty Pte LtdERA SingaporeOrangeTee and Huttons Real Estate Group.

The program is led by sales managers, such as Timothy Lee and Andrea Fassi, and its mentors include senior real estate consultants like Warren ChanAileen ChewFlorence Ho or Kesang Labattu.

“Current training doesn’t work … Data from shows that only 25% of agents joining a traditional agency closed 1+ sale in their first year, the rest closing 0. With 1,000 new agent [sic] per year, that’s 750 young people closing nothing 250 people closing less than what they could achieve with the training they deserve,” PropSeller founder and CEO Adrien Jorge wrote in a LinkedIn post.

“When you join a team in a traditional agency, what have the team leader or agency to loose [sic] if it does not work as advertised? Nothing. They share the upside with you, but none of the downsides. They have no skin in the game; junior agents invest alone in their success.”

“PropSeller real estate consultants close on average 60 sale transactions per year. 100% of them belong to the top 0.2% of agents in Singapore. PropSeller invests in training, data, software and teamwork to make its consultants successful. And it works amazingly and consistently.”

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