Auto marketplace has launched a dealer-only app, ‘Encar Partner’ for purchasing, selling and managing used cars.

According to Encar, the reason behind the new app is to consolidate different tasks dealers involve in through various channels.

With the new app, dealers can now check and edit sales information, monitor sales status, meet inspection needs and participate in auction from a single system.

According to an estimate, 70% of auto dealers in South Korea is using Encar with 1.2 million used cars advertised and trader annually.

An unspecified Encar official told local media the new app enables dealers across the country to conveniently manage the used-car trading.

“We will continue to provide various products that can improve and develop the used car trading environment for mutual benefits,” said the official.

Seoul-based Encar is a flagship of Australia-based Carsales in Asia and locally it faces competition from and

Encar contributed $66.7 million U.S. to the group’s revenue in the financial year ending June 2023.

In September, the auto marketplace filed an initial public offering review application with the Korea Stock Exchange, which normally takes two to three months for approval.

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