In the run-up to Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season, Spain-based general goods marketplace Wallapop has launched an unusual marketing campaign, setting up storefronts in the heart of the shopping districts of Madrid and Milan (apart from Spain, the company also operates in Italy, Portugal and the U.K.) to highlight how it helps to diminish plastic waste.

The text over the display (see photo) reads: “This is the plastic that you save the planet buying reused goods in place of new ones.”

In a LinkedIn post, Natacha Cano Roura, global creative lead at Wallapop, said the spectacle — on which it collaborated with Madrid-based “independent creative collective” Mono — was aimed at “stimulating the 22,031 tons of plastic that users have saved the planet from buying and selling through Wallapop in 2022.” 

A survey commissioned by the company found that 70% of consumers in Spain would consider buying reused products as Christmas gifts, while 87% said they would not mind receiving reused gifts “as long as they are in perfect condition.” 

The survey found that the most popular used gifts were books, followed by electronic devices and home appliances. 

Revenue at Barcelona-headquartered Wallapop rose by 39.0% year on year to €71.6 million ($78.4 million U.S.) in 2022. However, it lost €50.0 million during the year. 

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