Auto Trader has agreed a deal with Automotive Transformation Group (ATG) to share its real-time data via an integration between Auto Trader Connect and ATG’s clients.

Around 2,000 new retailers will be able to access Auto Traders taxonomy and valuations data, benefitting from real-time connectivity, improved efficiency, vehicle margins and customer’s online experience, according to the company.

ATG customers will now be able to access two elements of Auto Trader Connect, its valuations and Retail Essentials modules. The next phase of the integration, including Trended Valuations and an enhanced Retail Check functionality modules are set to follow.

Both of these modules are available within Auto Trader subscription packages as standard, but now thousands more retailers will also have access to Auto Trader’s taxonomy and valuations data directly within ATG’s NetDirector SalesMaster inventory management system.

Auto Trader’s valuations module, which, according to Auto Trader was requested 20 million times in September, informs retailers sourcing and pricing strategies, providing them with accurate and a real-time view of the market to help them buy and price with confidence using one system, the company said in a statement.

The retailers will also be able to access extra VIN specification data to add margin potential by using precise valuations adjusted for the exact specifications of each car. According to the company, this will also improve the customer experience by providing a more accurate and detailed advert.

With the Retail Essentials module, ATG’s customers can instantly update and manage multiple back-end and consumer-facing systems, including publishing vehicles directly on Auto Trader, removing stock once sold and making price changes.

ATG ran a comprehensive pilot with Vindis Group and found it “improved our efficiency by reducing redundant tasks and allowing us to optimise our Auto Trader advertising slots with real-time updates,” according to Peter Toop, director of business transformation at Vindis.

ATG said because the integration enables new car stock management as well as used, its manufacturing partners will also be able to utilise the AT Connect integration to manage stock on Auto Trader with out having to leave the NetDirector SalesMaster inventory system.

“The market is experiencing forces of change, which are not only causing uncertainty among retailers, but making it increasingly difficult to navigate,” said Auto Trader CPD, Karolina Edwards-Smajda.

“More than 9,300 retailers are already benefitting from services powered by Auto Trader Connect, which is included as standard in all our packages.”

ATG was founded over 20 years ago and its technology is deployed across 76 countries.

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