HRTech company TheWorks collaborated with the Netherlands-based largest and fast-growing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company TimeToHire to further expand permanent recruitment services for its clients.

The Works says recruitment outsourcing is a timely remedy for employers and recruiters facing “persistent tightness on the labor market and rising costs.”

The agreement, signed last month, entails delegation of important tasks of formulating company-specific talent acquisition strategy, employer branding, designing market campaigns and employee retention strategy to data-driven recruitment specialists.

“We are extremely enthusiastic about the participation in TimeToHire. There is a good cultural fit between the parties, we are both keen to innovate and innovate. Due to long-term tightness on the labor market, there is an increasing need for companies to receive support with the recruitment of permanent employees,” said Rogier Thewessen, co-founder of The Works and YoungCapital. ‘

“With this participation we broaden our services and can support customers even better in recruiting and retaining staff.”

TimeToHire co-founder Milad Zandi said the company supports “organizations with knowledge and expertise along the entire candidate journey.”

“We find a perfect partner in The Works. The ambition is to become the RPO market leader in Europe and with this expansion to add even more value to the rapidly changing sector,” said Zandi.

Hoofddorp-based The Works has been operating for 20 years and matching 50,000 candidates with more than 2,000 employers on a yearly basis. While also operating in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, the U.K., Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland, the group runs job boards,,, and

The Works booked a turnover of €538 million in 2022, down 10% year over year, which was attributed to tight labor market.

“We expect that the growth we experienced with YoungCapital Netherlands in SMEs last year will continue in 2023. The same applies to the government, banks and insurers, where demand remains high and people are eager to get started,” said Bram Bosveld, co-owner of The Works.

“We are entering a new phase in which our company – supported by technology – is growing into a recruitment company. The continued tightness on the labor market has led to new challenges. That is why we are developing our services and offering increasingly broader advice and support around the entire recruitment process.”

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