A rapidly expanding retail chain called CrazyDay Factory has been garnering a lot of coverage in the Spanish media of late. It sells goods returned by customers of ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba and Shein at heavily discounted prices, with many of these items apparently ending up for sale on Wallapop and Milanuncios — the leading general marketplaces in Spain.

CrazyDay Factory currently has four stores (three in Madrid and one in Seville) and plans to open a fifth in Murcia shortly. It is also planning to open a store dedicated to clothing in the near future. 

“Products worth €100 ($110 U.S.), €200 or €300 are sold for as little as €10 or €20,” El Economista reports. The stores restock every Friday, with bargain hunters sometimes sleeping in their cars the previous night so they can grab the best deals when the store opens in the morning. Most of the items are slightly damaged and cannot be sold as new — the store doesn’t accept returns or offer refunds.

“Customers agree that the most important thing is to fill the cart with as many items as possible — mainly appliances and tools — before someone else finds that tablet or that €300 vacuum cleaner that they could easily sell on Wallapop,” El País reported.

Customers can also buy pallets of items for €550 or even an entire trailer — containing 33 pallets — for €17,500. In both of these cases, the items are purchased blind — the buyers do not know exactly what they are getting.

Crazy Day co-founder David Yue told the newspaper: “Amazon does not have time to review all the merchandise it receives; what it does is accumulate it and sell it quickly, blindly, and that is where I come in.” 

“We are helping to avoid contamination. Imagine how many trees have to be cut down and how much energy is needed to make this item that someone will then return because it is slightly damage.” 

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