WillHaben, the leading classifieds website in Austria, has launched a guide for advertisers to help them define target audiences. The company describes its “Audience Playbook” as a step-by-step guide to communicating more effectively with specific groups on its site.

In the guide, WillHaben defines audiences as “people who are connected based on common interests, behaviors or demographic characteristics.”

The guide defines nine audiences and their characteristics: young adults, sport enthusiasts, environment enthusiasts, career-oriented dual-earner couples, young families, technology enthusiasts, health-conscious people, safety-conscious people and trendsetters.

Here are two examples:

“Environmentally conscious, tech-savvy and future-oriented”

According to the company, “This target group is passionately interested in sustainable energy supply and ecological technologies. They explore photovoltaic systems, electric drives and geothermal systems. Their strong environmental awareness leads them to brands like Patagonia, who represent similar values. The environmental enthusiasts are technology enthusiasts, but above all they are looking for solutions that combine sustainability and technology. Their goal is to actively contribute to protecting the environment and shaping a sustainable future.”

“Phase of life between career and responsibility”

“The target group of young families is an important and diverse group in our society. In this important phase of life, they juggle work and family responsibilities. Young families are defined as people who live with at least one child in the household.”

On its advertising website, WillHaben writes that its aim is to help its 4.48 million unique monthly users and advertising customers with “attractive, target group-specific and relevant advertising.”

Jochen Schneeberger, head of digital advertising at WillHaben, commented: “In intensive discussions with companies, we know that the strategic approach to target groups always raises questions; this is one of the reasons why we have developed our new Audience Playbook.”





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