has announced that it will expand into e-bikes next year, with the Adevinta-owned company aiming to become “one of the largest commercial marketplaces for e-bikes in Germany in the coming years”, according to CEO Ajay Bhatia.

In the wake of this announcement, many are wondering how e-bikes will coexist with car trading on and the opportunities they will bring, and at’s recent Mo.Re conference, a group of experts discussed this issue.

According to Alexander Beyer (LinkedIn profile), director of sales and marketing at dealer Ehrhardt AG, automotive marketplaces can always add more brands to their portfolio, but the market is limited, “So one has to develop both horizontally and vertically, and that’s where e-bikes are appropriate for mobility providers.”

He added that the reputation that and dealerships had built up over the years with their customer base would be useful for promoting a new product: “We can generate new customers through e-bikes and might later sell a vehicle to them.”

Meanwhile, Andreas Weeber (LinkedIn profile), owner and managing director of the Weeber Mobility Group, said that e-bikes could be a valuable option when it comes to sustainability, particularly as “the EU’s Taxonomy Regulation has many companies worried.”

“It will become increasingly important to know what carbon footprint my suppliers deliver. As a supplier, I want to generate a very small carbon footprint, and that’s important for families and parents who say that they want to leave their children a world worth living in. So it’s essential for most companies, especially in this segment, to deal with this topic,” he explained.

Joost van Schaik (LinkedIn profile), head of sales at leading e-bike manufacturer Accell, argued that the bicycle and car trading segments complemented each other due to “car traders’ professionalism being adapted by bicycle dealers … the car trade has to understand that there are many concepts that they can adopt if they switch to bicycles, but they also need specialist knowledge on the subject.”

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