Yandex subsidiary and job board HeadHunter ( have created a regional index of car affordability for Russia, reports.

According to the two Russia-based companies, the index allows users to monitor changes in the purchasing power of the residents of various regions with regard to the pricing of the most popular secondhand cars.

It is based on the average quarterly price of what says are the two most popular cars among Russians — the Ford Focus and the Lada Priora — and the median salary advertised by employers on The index shows the multiple of the median salary required to purchase a Lada Priora or Ford Focus aged between eight and 15 years.

According to, the Lada Priora (185,000 ads) and the Ford Focus (107,000 ads) are the most popular used cars on its site aged between 8 and 15 years — accounting for 45% of all listings between them.

Currently, 4.8 times the median salary is required to buy a used Lada Priora in the region of Saint Petersburg, while in the North Caucasus, this figure is almost twice as high — 9.3.

For a used Ford Focus, 10.1 times the median salary is required in central Russia (Moscow and adjacent regions), while in the North Caucasus it is 18.7.

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