The Netherlands-based is running a pilot program in partnership with EuroStocks to enable dealers in that country to list their vehicles on, its sister site in Germany.

Both and are owned by Norway-based Adevinta. Amsterdam-based EuroStocks is a wholesale marketplace for tires, parts and secondhand cars.

More than 80 sellers are participating in the program, which Marketplaats says is scheduled to operate until the first quarter of 2024.

EuroStocks makes the necessary calculations concerning VAT and other taxes to correctly ‘translate’ the price of a Netherlands-registered car to the German market. It also provides dealers in the Netherlands with price and viability analyses to help them select the most suitable inventory to list on

“Many companies have specific cars that are easier or even better to sell internationally. In addition to a greater reach, EuroStocks offers help with international business. This means that the number of days until sale is the shortest and the potential for trading is the greatest. We can use our sister platform, which is one of the largest mobility platforms in Europe,” said Alexander Prinssen, chief sales officer automotive at Marketplaats parent company Adevinta Benelux. is the leading marketplace horizontal in the Netherlands and, according to a recent survey, the most popular choice in the country among buyers looking for cars online.

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